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The China Syndrome

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The China Syndrome?
The China Syndrome is 2 hr 2 min long.
Who directed The China Syndrome?
James Bridges
Who is Kimberly Wells in The China Syndrome?
Jane Fonda plays Kimberly Wells in the film.
What is The China Syndrome about?
TV reporter Jane Fonda, eager to do something other than puff pieces, covers a routine story at a nuclear power plant with cameraman Michael Douglas. While talking to operations manager Jack Lemmon, the pair witness a near-miss crisis that could have resulted in a catastrophic meltdown. The company powers-that-be immediately try to cover it up, but soon even true believer Lemmon is having serious doubts about the safety of the plant. Fonda and Douglas race against time to prevent a full-scale nuclear cataclysm, trying to get Lemmon’s story on the air before the nuclear plant owners can take lethal action against them.