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The Catered Affair

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Catered Affair?
The Catered Affair is 1 hr 33 min long.
Who directed The Catered Affair?
Richard Brooks
Who is Mrs. Agnes Hurley in The Catered Affair?
Bette Davis plays Mrs. Agnes Hurley in the film.
What is The Catered Affair about?
When Jane (Debbie Reynolds) tells her parents that she is getting married to Ralph Halloran (Rod Taylor), her mother, Agnes (Bette Davis), starts planning an elaborate wedding, even though Jane does not wish it. Another complication is that Jane's father, Tom (Ernest Borgnine), is a cabdriver and cannot afford an expensive catered wedding. As Agnes starts inviting more guests and the arrangements become more complicated, it creates tension with both her daughter and her husband.