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Test Pilot Pirx

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Test Pilot Pirx?
Test Pilot Pirx is 1 hr 44 min long.
Who directed Test Pilot Pirx?
Marek Piestrak
Who is Commander Pirx in Test Pilot Pirx?
Sergei Desnitsky plays Commander Pirx in the film.
What is Test Pilot Pirx about?
Cmdr. Pirx (Sergei Desnitsky) is ordered to lead five astronauts on a space mission to Saturn. But his orders also entail his identifying which one of the crew members is secretly a humanoid. Problems arise when one of the astronauts, Harry Brown (Vladimir Ivashov), claims that he can help spot the artificial being, which confuses Pirx. A serious accident occurs during the trip and they return to Earth. Now Pirx, who is blamed for almost killing his crew, must clear his name at a tribunal.