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Sidewalks of London

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Sidewalks of London?
Sidewalks of London is 1 hr 24 min long.
Who directed Sidewalks of London?
Tim Whelan
Who is Charles Staggers in Sidewalks of London?
Charles Laughton plays Charles Staggers in the film.
What is Sidewalks of London about?
Street performer Charles Staggers (Charles Laughton) befriends orphan and would-be dancer Libby (Vivien Leigh) and adds her to his act. When the group meets songwriter Harley Prentiss (Rex Harrison), Libby ambitiously pursues him. A quarrel with Charles over the matter leads to Libby dropping him from a show arranged by Prentiss. Soon after, Libby takes up with Prentiss, and his songs make her famous all over London. Charles takes Libby's rejection hard and allows it to nearly ruin his career.