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Shadows of a Hot Summer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who directed Shadows of a Hot Summer?
Frantisek Vlacil
Who is Ondrej Baran in Shadows of a Hot Summer?
Juraj Kukura plays Ondrej Baran in the film.
What is Shadows of a Hot Summer about?
Director Frantisek Vlacil’s powerful and violent tale of a Moravian farmer faced with untenable choices is set amidst the political chaos of 1947. Retreating from a communist advance, a band of Ukrainian guerrillas hole up in a remote farmhouse where they take a family hostage. The farmer must decide whether it’s safer for his wife and children to resist or cooperate with their captors. Either choice carries a heavy price. With Juraj Kukura, Marta Vancurova. In Czech with English subtitles.