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Seven Days in May

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Seven Days in May?
Seven Days in May is 1 hr 58 min long.
Who directed Seven Days in May?
John Frankenheimer
Who is Gen. James Mattoon Scott in Seven Days in May?
Burt Lancaster plays Gen. James Mattoon Scott in the film.
What is Seven Days in May about?
U.S. President Jordan Lyman (Fredric March) hopes to bring an end to the Cold War by signing a nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviets, much to the displeasure of the hawkish General James Scott (Burt Lancaster), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Scott's aide, Martin "Jiggs" Casey (Kirk Douglas) stumbles on shattering evidence that the General is plotting a coup to overthrow Lyman in seven days, "Jiggs" alerts the President, setting off a dangerous race to thwart the takeover.