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Scopitone's Carousel of Stars

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What is Scopitone's Carousel of Stars about?
This panel will explore the forgotten history of the 1960s Scopitone phenomenon, from both a cultural and technological perspective. Scopitones were pop music films designed to be played in "film jukeboxes." Their camp quality and overt sexuality provide an early view into what the music television industry would become. Descendants of the U.S.' black and white Soundies, Scopitones were lurid Technicolor, magnetic tracks, and featured pop and rock stars which included: Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Bobby Vee, Lou Rawls, Neil Sedaka and bombshell Joi Lansing. The panel will also explore the technical side of the films, and the jukeboxes that played them, to gain an understanding of their correct exhibition and preservation needs. A screening of select 16mm Scopitones will conclude this presentation.