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Ruggles of Red Gap

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Ruggles of Red Gap?
Ruggles of Red Gap is 1 hr 32 min long.
Who directed Ruggles of Red Gap?
Leo McCarey
Who is Ruggles in Ruggles of Red Gap?
Charles Laughton plays Ruggles in the film.
What is Ruggles of Red Gap about?
In Paris at the dawn of the 20th century, the Earl of Burnstead (Roland Young) accidentally loses his faithful valet, Ruggles (Charles Laughton), to gauche American rancher Egbert Floud (Charlie Ruggles) in a drunken late-night poker game. Resettled in the Wild West town of Red Gap, Washington, Ruggles' proper bearing leads him to become mistaken for a British aristocrat and military hero, to the potential embarrassment of Egbert's snobbish wife, Effie (Mary Boland).