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Room (2015)
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Room (2015)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Room (2015)?
Room (2015) is 1 hr 58 min long.
Who directed Room (2015)?
Lenny Abrahamson
Who is Ma in Room (2015)?
Brie Larson plays Ma in the film.
What is Room (2015) about?
"Both highly suspenseful and deeply emotional, ROOM is a unique and touching exploration of the boundless love between a mother and her child. After 5-year- old Jack and his Ma escape from the enclosed surroundings that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery: the outside world. As he experiences all the joy, excitement, and fear that this new adventure brings, he holds tight to the one thing that matters most of all—his special bond with his loving and devoted Ma. "