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Next Stop, Greenwich Village

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Next Stop, Greenwich Village?
Next Stop, Greenwich Village is 1 hr 51 min long.
Who directed Next Stop, Greenwich Village?
Paul Mazursky
Who is Larry Lapinsky in Next Stop, Greenwich Village?
Lenny Baker plays Larry Lapinsky in the film.
What is Next Stop, Greenwich Village about?
Fresh out of college, Larry Lapinsky (Lenny Baker) leaves Brooklyn and moves to Greenwich Village. Larry comes from a traditional Jewish home, and though his mother, Faye (Shelley Winters), wants him to get a steady job, he tries to make it as an actor. He quickly takes his place among some young creative types, including girlfriend Sarah (Ellen Greene) and writer Robert (Chris Walken). Soon Larry is on the verge of a career breakthrough -- and his mother finds it hard to let go.