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My Grandmother

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is My Grandmother?
My Grandmother is 1 hr long.
Who directed My Grandmother?
Kote Miqaberidze
Who is The Bureaucrat in My Grandmother?
A. Takaishvili plays The Bureaucrat in the film.
What is My Grandmother about?
In a nameless, drab office building, Soviet workers push paper, waste time and do everything to make their government as inefficient as possible. A bureaucrat (A. Takaishvili) has just been fired for his improper, wasteful working methods, and his wife (Bella Chernova) is furious at him. He quickly learns that he can procure a new job with help of a sponsor. As the bureaucrat and his doorman (E. Ovanov) discuss how to go about his search, his wife becomes increasingly unhinged.