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Mr. Saturday Night

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Mr. Saturday Night?
Mr. Saturday Night is 1 hr 59 min long.
Who directed Mr. Saturday Night?
Billy Crystal
Who is Buddy Young, Jr. in Mr. Saturday Night?
Billy Crystal plays Buddy Young, Jr. in the film.
What is Mr. Saturday Night about?
Given his success in the early days of television, you'd think that Buddy Young Jr. (Billy Crystal) would be coasting happily into retirement alongside his wife, Elaine (Julie Warner). Instead, Buddy is an acerbic blowhard who alienates his brother, Stan (David Paymer), and everyone else who fails to bow to his bullying. His agent, Annie Wells (Helen Hunt), has positioned elderly Buddy for a big movie role, but his irreverence might come back to bite him one last time.