Joker (2019) VIDEOS

Joker: Final Trailer

  • Joker: Final Trailer Joker: Final Trailer
  • Joker: Teaser Trailer 1 Joker: Teaser Trailer 1
  • Weekend Ticket: Joker Weekend Ticket: Joker
    Wannabe comedian Arthur Fleck descends into insanity, and takes a cult following of the lonely and disregarded with him. Will you see 'Joker' in theaters this weekend?
  • Joker: Know Before You Go Joker: Know Before You Go
    Need an update on why everybody is talking about Joaquin Phoenix's take on the Clown Prince of Crime? Check out this quick, fact-filled catchup that will get you up to speed before you go see 'Joker' in theaters October 4!
  • Joker: Exclusive Interview Joker: Exclusive Interview
    Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips join Fandango correspondent Naz Perez to share how Phoenix crafted Arthur Fleck's bloodcurdling laugh, why he lost so much weight for the role, and whether there's another DC comic book character who might receiv
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