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Zac Efron Unleashes Airbags on Seth Rogen in New 'Neighbors' Trailer

Zac Efron Unleashes Airbags on Seth Rogen in New 'Neighbors' Trailer

If the new Neighbors trailer can be distilled down to one phrase, it'd probably be, "Beware of airbags."

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are a happily married couple raising a young child in the new comedy. Their happy life is disrupted when a fraternity led by charismatic and handsome leader Zac Efron moves in next door.

Yahoo Movies premiered the new trailer this morning. Watch it here:

Rogen said he drew inspiration from his friends who had recently become parents.

"This couple has a baby, and they're struggling with the fact that they can't party anymore and do all the fun stuff that they used to do. To me, that was something that I've seen happen with a lot of my friends. That's super relatable, and I really haven’t seen a lot of, if any, movies explicitly about that," he told Yahoo Movies.


Rogen also praised Efron for his improvisational skills, saying the actor adapted quickly.

"There's a scene where we're talking, where me and him were trying to bond, and we're talking about who Batman is to us. I'm talking about how to me Michael Keaton is Batman, and to him Christian Bale is Batman. And he whipped out this impression of Christian Bale as Batman that was really impressive. It's actually in the movie because it was so good."

Neighbors arrives in theaters May 9.



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