What Is the Scariest Horror-Movie Mask of All Time?

What Is the Scariest Horror-Movie Mask of All Time?

Horror movies are often made iconic by a mask worn by the villain, and the hot new film You're Next is no exception. In its two years of building buzz on the festival circuit, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's home-invasion thriller has become well-known for three separate disguises used by the killers. One is a lamb mask, one is a wolf mask and the third is a tiger mask.

And they've been used well in the movie's marketing, sometimes accidentally as in the case of Michael Fassbender wearing one he'd found laying around backstage during the X-Men: Days of Future Past presentation at Comic-Con. Even if you haven't yet seen the movie (you really should see it, by the way), you've no doubt seen the masks on posters and know they're very, very creepy.

But how do they rate against the long history of scary masks in horror movies? 

The You're Next animal faces would be scary regardless of their being in a movie. Now think about Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. His look has made all hockey goalie masks scary for all time. Michael Myers of Halloween transformed a simple William Shatner mask into the stuff of nightmares. And from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface's, well, leather face, is forever disturbing. But it doesn't have to be a villain. The masks in Halloween III: Season of the Witch may truly be the most terrifying.

Below is a selection of some of the scariest horror movie masks ever to provide you with some choices. Don't see your pick? Feel free to add your own to the pile in the comments.

1. Friday the 13th 


2. Halloween

3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

4. Smiley

5. Scream

6. Saw

7. The Strangers

8. My Bloody Valentine

9. The Orphanage

10. Halloween III: Season of the Witch



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