Throw a Semi-Homemade Cinderella Party

Throw a Semi-Homemade Cinderella Party

Throw a Semi-Homemade Cinderella Party

For nearly 60 years, Disney's Cinderella has captured the hearts of parents and kids. The iconic princess takes center stage once again with Disney's live action Cinderella hitting theaters March 13. Whether you're planning a party for your own princess or celebrating Cinderella before a trip to the theater, here are a few Cinderella-inspired party ideas to share. We've created a mixture of buy and DIY projects that can work for most skill levels and budgets. You can be the Fairy Godmother and share Cinderella moments with your princess today.

This sweet version of the "pumpkin" carriage is sure to please any princess.


1 bundt cake pan

2 cake mixes

1 package sugar flowers

1 can gold food color mist

1 pretzel stick

7 cups buttercream frosting

1 5 inch cookie cutter

1 batch sugar cookie dough

1 bottle gold sugar sprinkles

1 piping bag or large reclosable bag

1 10 inch cake circle


Bake one cake mix per bundt cake pan according to the directions. Bake at least four 5-inch sugar cookies, but I recommend baking an entire batch and serving the remainder at the party.

Allow cakes and cookies to cool completely. Use a serrated bread knife to cut off the risen part of the cake. This isn’t hard to do if you just follow the edge and trim slowly.

You should now have two bundt cakes with completely flat bottoms. Place several small spoonfuls of icing on the bottom of the cake circle to help secure the cake. Place one bundt cake upside down on the cake circle. Carefully spread icing on the side facing up (bottom of the individual cake).

Place second bundt cake on top of the bottom one, trying to line up the outer edges as much as possible. The cake should now resemble a pumpkin without the stem, narrow at the top and bottom and wide in the middle. Place a thin coating of buttercream icing all over both layers, and don’t worry if crumbs show through at this stage. Place the cake in the freezer for 20 minutes.

While the cakes are in the freezer, begin decorating your carriage wheels. Spread a thin layer of buttercream across a few of your cookies. I chose to do four and used the best 2.

Sprinkle a thin layer of gold sugar sprinkles across the buttercream and tap the top lightly to help secure sprinkles. Fill a piping bag fitted with a small round tip with 1 1/2 cups of frosting. You can also use regular zip top bags with the corner snipped off if you don’t have a piping bag available.

Twist excess air from the bag and use a twist tie to secure. I suggest practicing a few times on wax paper if you’ve never piped before. Hold tip/bag straight up and nearly to the surface that you are decorating. Evenly squeeze decorator bag, tip should remain in the icing until you release the bag. Icing should form a small circular dot. Stop squeezing the bag before you lift up.

You will pipe a ring of dots around the rim of the sugar cookie and one larger dot in the center. These should slightly resemble carriage wheels. If you find any of your dots have points in the center, use your finger to tap the points down once the icing starts to dry. Set decorated cookies aside while you finish preparing the cake.

Remove cake from the freezer. The icing on the cake should be hard and not tacky to the touch. Begin applying the second coat of icing to the cake. You need a decent layer on the entire cake before you start smoothing.

 Once the entire cake is well coated, begin smoothing the icing out. Get a cup of hot water and clean your spatula frequently. You will smooth a few strokes and clean your spatula, repeating this until you make your way around the entire cake. It doesn’t need to be pristinely smooth, and the color mist will help hide some imperfections. If you still aren’t satisfied, you can search for the “paper towel smoothing” method online. It requires a specific printless paper towel.

Using some of the remaining icing in the bag, fill the void in the center approximately halfway full of icing. Shorten one of the white chocolate pretzels coated with glitter sprinkles to a heigh appropriate to the cake. Place pretzel in the center of the cake, fill icing around it. This should resemble a pumpkin stem.

Place sugar roses around the stem. Lightly spray entire cake with the gold food mist, you can forego this step if you prefer a white colored carriage. If you spray the cake too heavily, the coloring will alter the taste of your icing.

 Pipe small circles in the shape of a door on the side of the cake. You can pipe a C inside the door if you feel comfortable, or the first initial of your own Princess. Again, I recommend practicing a few times on wax paper if you have never piped a letter previously.

 Pipe dots all the way around the bottom of the cake to hide where the icing meets the cake circle. Apply a large dot of icing on the back of one cookie and use that to help secure the wheel to the cake. Do the same thing to secure the remaining wheel. Refrigerate the cake or store in a cool place until serving.

Princess Punch


32 ounces blue fruit punch

24 ounces pineapple juice

3 cups vanilla ice cream

8 ounce can lemon-lime soda

Mix all ingredients in a large punch bowl. Serve immediately. Top with whipped cream if desired. This punch can be enjoyed at room temperature, or you may prefer to refrigerate the fruit punch, juice and soda, in advance.


Every party needs a game or activity. Several retailers have Cinderella posters available for purchase online and in store. Using the slipper template provided, trace and cut enough slippers for each attendee to have at least one. Blindfold each guest and have them attempt to pin the slipper on the Cinderella poster. For a large party, it might be a good idea to label each guest’s slipper with their name to reduce confusion. 

Pin the Slipper on the Princess


Cinderella poster

Slipper template (click to view PDF)

Adhesive backed foam sheets available from local craft store





White Chocolate Pretzel Glitter Wands


Large pretzel sticks

8 ounces white chocolate

1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

1 tall microwave safe mug

1 bottle glitter sprinkles

1 sheet wax paper

Feel free to heat the chocolate with a double boiler if you have it, but even if you do, the microwave can be quicker.

Place white chocolate chips in a tall microwavable mug with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Heat the mug of chocolate and oil on your microwave’s lowest setting for 10-20 seconds and stir. Repeat this until chocolate starts to lose shape when stirred. Do not over heat, as chocolate burns easily.

If you feel like the chocolate is too thick, you can another drop or two of vegetable oil before the last heating.

Dip pretzels down in chocolate, using a spoon to ensure the majority of the pretzel is coated. Tap pretzel gently, allowing excess chocolate to drip off.

Roll chocolate portion of the pretzel in sprinkles immediately and lay on wax paper to dry. Store in airtight container until ready to serve. 

Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess for a day. I created these party favor bags inexpensively from supplies I bought at local stores. Tiaras and wands can often be found for $1 each. I located these in a dollar bin. I added some candy, chocolates, bubbles and stickers to each bag. You could consider using items like small bundles of crayons, coloring sheets, Play-Doh, or candy rings. These favor bags cost under $3.50 each to create.

Princess-Inspired Treat/Favor Bags


Treat bag/packaging of choice

Assorted candy and chocolate






Bonus: These adorable glass slipper cookies are another fun treat to add to your party plan. Get the full recipe here.

Jessica Peace-Urgelles is a southern mother who blogs about her very southern life. The former new journalist enjoys sharing a glimpse into her life on the farm, what's cookin' in her kitchen, and the struggles of trying to raise a little gentleman in a modern world on her blog, A Southern Mother

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