Superman Week rolls on and today we have a few visual treats for you. Don't worry, if you're hoping to go into the movie without hearing/reading any reviews (good luck) we've left the spoiler-free review for the very end.

Last week we launched a retrospective look back at all the various iterations on the Superman suit. From Christopher Reeve to Dean Cain and Tom Welling, check out The Many Suits of Superman photo gallery and tell us which suits are your favorites.

Next up, commissioned graphic designer Kate Willaert to showcase the evolution of Superman's iconic "S" logo. Beginning in 1938 with the Action Comics #1 logo, the comprehensive graphic takes you through the years up to the current Man of Steel logo.

Click the image below for the full infographic.

Finally, if you want to avoid all Superman reviews, this is where you'll want to return to the blog main page.

For the rest of you, our sister site compiled a spoiler-free review that answer 10 of the most burning questions going into Man of Steel. Topics include how it is different from other Superman movies, the Hans Zimmer soundtrack, should you see it in 2D or 3D and is it safe to see it with your kids.

Man of Steel hits theaters this Friday!


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