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'The Giver' Poster Premiere

'The Giver' Poster Premiere

"You can make things better." 

Those striking words sit atop this exclusive character poster for The Giver, due in theaters on August 15. The highly anticipated adaptation of Lois Lowry's immensely popular young-adult novel finally arrives later this summer, and with it comes a legion of fans itching to watch Brenton Thwaites play Jonas, the heart and soul of the movie. It's his character who stands stoically at the center of the poster below, with the fate of an entire society resting on his shoulders.

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Brenton Thwaites in The Giver

Starring Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Jeff Bridges, The Giver tells of a future society crafted not to include war, pain, suffering, differences or choice. When one young boy (Thwaites) is chosen to learn what true pleasure and pain is like from an elderly man known as the Giver (Bridges), he's forced to make a decision between the peaceful but restricted life he's always known and the endless possibilities that come with living in the "real" world.

What would you decide?

For more on The Giver, watch the trailer below. You can also check out more exclusive poster premieres for The Giver at the following sites: MTV,, SheKnows, Huffington Post Entertainment and Yahoo! Movies


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