Very few filmmakers are able to tap into an audience’s raw nerve like James Wan. The Malaysian horror director launched the Saw franchise, then spooked audiences with Insidious and The Conjuring. And now Deadline is reporting Warner Bros. has circled a date for a Conjuring sequel: October 23, 2015… just in time for Halloween.

The Conjuring followed the real-life case of ghost hunters Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) investigating a haunted house that is tearing a young family apart. As the movie concludes, there is a hint that the next Warrens movie MIGHT explore their work on the Amityville Horror house. (Check out these tantalizing horror facts from our visit to the set.)

No word yet on whether it will have a fresh Paranormal Activity sequel to contend with, though that franchise has been consistent with its output. Wan hasn’t yet signed up for directing duties and there’s no official word on casting, though Wilson and Farmiga hinted that they’d be under contract to reprise their roles if the original movie took off (which it did). The Conjuring earned $137 million domestically and $318 million worldwide. That’s sequel money, son.

I only hope he’s able to come up with a trailer that’s half a creepy as this: