Smurfs 2 Q&A: Social Smurf Smurfs You About the New Movie

Smurfs 2 Q&A: Social Smurf Smurfs You About the New Movie

Meet the newest member of the Smurf family...Social Smurf, because in this day and age, doesn't everyone need someone smurfing on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest....?

In The Smurfs 2, coming this Friday, Mario Lopez will voice Social Smurf, who tweets, retweets, shares, posts, likes and hashtags everything small, blue and, well, smurfy. We don't know exactly what his role is, but we know he's certainly the most well connected.

We chatted with Social Smurf about the movie and his smurfy new job. Are you smurfed yet?



Fandango:   Will the Social Smurf be smurfing around in The Smurfs 2?

Social Smurf: YES, and I’m SO excited! The producers loved what I was doing online, so they asked me to be in the movie! It was going to be a surprise, but…well, SURPRISE!

Fandango:   Any new Smurfs that we’ll meet this time?

Social Smurf: Besides ME?  Well, there are two new characters who are definitely NOT Smurfs…  They’re called the Naughties. 

 Fandango:   Who are the Naughties? Are they on Twitter, too? 

Social Smurf: The Naughties are Gargamel’s latest creation. They look kind of like Smurfs, but they’re not blue. Vexy is the girl, and Hackus is completely out of control! And no, they're not on Twitter. They SHOULD be – Twitter is AWESOME!  

Fandango:   What’s the smurfiest tweet you’ve ever smurfed?

Social Smurf: I did a lot of smurfy Tweets while I was at Global Smurfs Day, but my favorite one? Well that DEFINITELY has to been when I got to announce the new Smurfs 2 trailer! 

Fandango:   You are tech savvy. What device do you use when you tweet?

Social Smurf: There is only one device that I cannot live without: the Sony Xperia Z. I know a Smurf who knows a Smurf who knows a guy in R&D, so trust me when I tell you this phone is Smurftastic.  

Fandango:   Your first film was smurftastic at the box office. Which Smurf has gone "Hollywood" on you guys?

Social Smurf: I don’t want to name names, but Vanity Smurf has been pushing pretty hard for a nicer dressing room with bigger mirrors…. 

Fandango:   What the smurf is Gargamel’s problem, anyway?

Social Smurf: Gargamel doesn’t have any real friends besides Azrael the cat, so I’m guessing he might be ANTI-SOCIAL.


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