Party with the Minions: Great DIY Ideas

Party with the Minions: Great DIY Ideas

Party with the Minions: Great DIY Ideas

Despicable Me has been a go-to birthday theme for years now, but we have a feeling that it’ll become even MORE popular thanks to those adorable and lovable Minions and their starring role in their very own feature film. In honor of your pint-sized Minions fans, host an awesome DIY Minions-themed party with cupcakes, games, favors and more. We scoured the Web and found some of the cutest and coolest Minion crafts to include in your own soiree.

Minion Cupcakes

Courtesy of Eats Amazing

These Minion cupcakes may look like something you’d buy from a high-end bakery, but Eats Amazing has a surprisingly simple tutorial on how to make them at home using a basic cupcakes base, fondants and flourishes made using an edible marker. Creating a variety of different Minion faces makes the display even more adorable.

Minion Hats

Courtesy of Tidbits and Twine

Let all your guests become Minions for the day, which will be easy once they don these adorable homemade hats. Tidbits and Twine created these using inexpensive yellow plastic construction hats, black ribbon, black pipe cleaners, Mason jar rings and an eyeball printout. You can get the instructions (and the eyeball) from Tidbits and Twine here.

Minion Craft

Courtesy of The Pink Doormat

Keep those little hands busy during the party with an easy-to-do Minion craft. The Pink Doormat created an easy project using construction paper, pens and a couple of fasteners. 

Minion Game

Courtesy of Tidbits and Twine

It doesn’t need to be Easter for your kids to enjoy an egg hunt! Create an any-time-of-year Minions egg hunt by combining blue plastic egg bottoms with yellow plastic egg tops. Glue on an eye or two, get out the Sharpie and you’ve got yourself an army of Minions to fill with trinkets and treats.

Minion Goody Bags

Courtesy of Kid Friendly Things to Do

When you Minion-loving guests depart, give them a little Minion love to take home in these adorable handmade goody bags by Kid Friendly Things to Do. Decorate yellow and blue bags with eyes, Mason jar rings and felt.

Minion Bars

Courtesy of Halegrafx

And what do you PUT in these goody bags? One suggestion is printing out these free wrappers from HaleGrafx to put around your favorite candy bar to include in your goody bag.

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