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Oscars 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Ang Lee Deliver Touching Backstage Moments

Oscars 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Ang Lee Deliver Touching Backstage Moments

This year’s 85th Annual Academy Awards recognized the talents of Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck and Daniel Day-Lewis, among others. We were fortunate enough to get to hang out with the well deserving Oscar winners and their shiny gold statuettes backstage.

Here are some of the best backstage quotes of the night.

Christoph Waltz, Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Django Unchained:

“I was on a list with the greatest actors around, Robert de Niro, Alan Arkin, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tommy Lee Jones, how do you think someone feels when his name is called in that context. I can’t tell you, I’m sorry. They've been role models for me since I started in this profession. I love this movie because it’s a fabulous piece of entertainment with a really deep message. I’m glad it’s popular. Quentin writes poetry and I like poetry. When I read the script for the first time I realized there was something special about this film. Page by page I realized that something special was being made.”

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress in a Leading Role for Silver Linings Playbook:

“This isn’t like an auction, right? The process today was so stressful. I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. It was mostly chaotic. I woke up, I tried on the dress and it fit, I took a shower…that’s what I did and then I got my hair and makeup done and then I came… I’m sorry, I did a shot before [coming backstage].”

Lawrence on her fall: “What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress. I tried to walk up the stairs and stepped on my dress. I think they waxed the stairs.”

Anne Hathaway, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Les Miserables:

“[My husband] just made everything better and clearer and more real. I’m an actor, this is spectacular but if you want to be realistic you’re always looking for the next job. I do feel this evening the respect of my peers but I do have this practical approach to my work, which is 'got to work, got to work'. I’m impressed by all the work around me. Tom Hooper has gone on the record to say this movie wouldn’t have happened without Hugh Jackman and I understand why that is. He has this goodness in him. The work was challenging and we looked to him, to his strength, and spirit. He was our rock and inspiration and to me personally.

I had a dream and it came true and that can happen and that’s all I was saying.

[The negative criticism] does get to me but you have to remember in life that there is a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive. I live my life with love and compassion and when you live that way it’s amazing how beautiful every day can be.”

Daniel Day-Lewis, Best Actor in a Leading Role for Lincoln:

“I need to have a lie down after this performance. It’s really hard to imagine doing anything after this. I’m definitely out of character at this point but if I slip back into it you can definitely perform an exorcism. [I needed to get this role right or I thought] I might never be able to show my face in this country.”

Ang Lee, Best Director for Life of Pi:

“90% percent of the movie was shot in Taiwan so my best wish is to be able to thank personally the people of Taiwan. I feel like this movie really belongs to the world. This is a great night for me. I think it’s a miracle that I was able to make this movie. It was a philosophical book and most expensive to do. Certainly I want to try another visual effects movie. Best Picture requires so many things. Whether I get one or not I’m very proud of everyone that worked with me. This win is for everyone.”

Quentin Tarantino, Best Screenplay for Django Unchained:

“I’ve actually always prided myself in being an international filmmaker. I’m not an American filmmaker, I’m an American and I’m a filmmaker but I make movies for the planet earth. I make my movies for earth. That back-and-forth that’s been going on about the movie is exactly what I wanted when I decided to make a movie about slavery.”

Ben Affleck, Best Motion Picture for Argo:

“I was excited to make it and work with these guys and the cast. When they gave us the trophies that’s when I knew we would win. 

The whole thing overwhelmed me. The fact that it was the first lady was so surreal, it was very cool.

I didn’t get nominated as a director. Honestly, naturally I was disappointed but when I look at the directors that weren’t nominated…Paul Thomas Anderson, Kathryn Bigelow, Quentin Tarantino…it’s just amazing…these are all directors that I admire. Listen, you’re not entitled to anything. I’m honored to be among these movies and honored to have won an Academy Award.”

Adele and Paul Epworth, Best Original Song for Skyfall:

“We got the first draft [of the Skyfall song] in 10 minutes. We’re good but we are not that good. It took many more hours to complete. Paul and I normally just throw things at each other. It’s good to have your writing partner involved in your life. I cried the first time I told Paul about my ex and we wrote Rolling in the Deep.”


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