News Bites: Get Ready for a 'Conjuring' Spin-off Movie

News Bites: Get Ready for a 'Conjuring' Spin-off Movie

The Conjuring

Annabelle: Confirming multiple unofficial reports, a spin-off of 2013's The Conjuring has been officially titled Annabelle and will open in theaters on October 3. The movie features all new characters, and the cast is led by the coincidentally named Annabelle Wallis. In the original, a doll known as Annabelle was kept under lock and key in a basement, yet ended up playing a brief, demonic, spellbinding role. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Ant-Man: Don't panic! It's not unusual for studios to hire writers to do "one more polish" on a screenplay just before production begins, and that is reportedly what Marvel has done for Ant-Man. Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, in development) have been hired to polish up the script rewrite recently completed by busy comedy veteran Adam McKay and will stay on as "production writers" available to make further revisions during filming. The movie is still set for release on July 17, 2015. [Latino Review]


Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle is unrecognizable as legendary jazz musician Miles Davis in the first image released from Miles Ahead, which began shooting this week in Cincinnati. The movie is set during the late 1960s as Davis prepares to return to making music after a five-year hiatus. Cheadle cowrote the script and is directing; Ewan McGregor and Michael Stuhlbarg costar. []


Young Ones

Young Ones Trailer: Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in Young Ones, and the first trailer (in English with French subtitles) paints a very intriguing picture. It's set in the future, when a severe drought has made water a precious commodity; Shannon and Hoult play rival ranchers, with Fanning caught in the middle. The movie is due in theaters in October. [Movies Coming Soon]


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