This week's new releases:                                                                         


Saw V Jigsaw may've died two sequels ago, but this grisly Morton's Fork franchise lives on to answer the question of who will take over his dirty work.
Max Payne Mark Wahlberg stars in this video game adaptation that has a great look...but much else?
The Express Sports biopic about Ernie Davis, the first African American Heisman trophy winner, and his inspirational effect on the game of college football gets a timely release today.
Igor Irreverent Tim Burton-esque animated comedy about a frustrated mad scientist's assistant and an evil plot threatening the world.
City of Ember Family fantasy adventure about two kids who must keep the lights from going out in their underground city.
Repo! The Genetic Opera An evil corporation, organ harvesting, Gothic cabaret and...Paris Hilton.

New and Noteworthy on Blu-ray:

Election Dark comedy skewering high school politics stars Reese Witherspoon as a class president hopeful.
King Kong Peter Jackson's take on the gorilla-loves-blonde chick story, overlong but with some thrilling effects.