New ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer is All About Family and a Ton of Action; Here’s Everything We Know

New ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Trailer is All About Family and a Ton of Action; Here’s Everything We Know

If you loved the antagonistic chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in The Fate of the Furious, you're in luck because there's a spin-off in the works focused on their rivalry. Both actors began their respective roles in the Fast and the Furious franchise as antagonists of the main team, but they’ve become the breakout favorites of the series and will likely continue a new strain of movies to the side of the ongoing central installments led by Vin Diesel.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is still many months away, but the movie's second full trailer has arrived, and it’s even more impressive than the first. Not only does a genetically enhanced Idris Elba call himself “Black Superman,” and not only are there spectacular stunts galore, but we also get to see Vanessa Kirby kicking butt like never before as Statham’s sister plus Hobbs’ old-school but formidable Maori family in action, too. There’s a lot going on in this spin-off.

Watch the new spot down below after reading all we know about the highly anticipated action movie:

So this will just be about the two Fast and Furious characters?

Yes. Maybe there'll be cameos from others, but the idea is to focus on the titular musclemen Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. 

Will the movie just be Hobbs and Shaw bickering and fighting?

That wouldn't be so bad, but the plot will actually involve the two enemies -- Hobbs, the US government security agent, and Shaw, a murderous mercenary -- reluctantly working together for some reason. Classic 48 Hrs. style buddy cop situation, it sounds like. However, according to Dwayne Johnson, Shaw will be receiving a serious beating from Hobbs. 

Who else is in the movie?  

Dwayne Johnson reprises his role as Hobbs and Jason Statham does the same as Shaw, while Vanessa Kirby (The CrownMission: Impossible - Fallout) joins them as Shaw's sister, an MI-5 agent, and Idris Elba is playing a super-powered villain (yes, there are super powers in this franchise now). Helen Mirren is also back as Shaw’s mum.  

Will Kirby fit into the franchise okay?

Vanessa Kirby is best known for her role as Princess Margaret on the Netflix series The Crown. Yeah, the Fast and Furious movies and The Crown are very different kinds of entertainment, but there's definitely some overlap in their fanbases. Kirby, who was incredible on the biographical British royalty show, has had to leave the production because all the real-life characters are being recast with older performers. 

And what better way to follow-up starring in a prim and proper gig like The Crown with a dip into the extreme world of fast cars and furious antiheroes? Actually, the Margaret that Kirby played on the series probably would have loved such an escape from stuffiness toward excess. Remember when she took a ride on a motorbike? Over the summer, Kirby also proved she could stand out in a big ensemble action franchise, as “The White Widow” in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

According to Variety, she is playing another Shaw sibling, meaning she's sister to Statham and Luke Evans and daughter of Helen Mirren. It's not yet known if the latter two Shaws will make an appearance. Kirby's Shaw, interestingly enough, is a British agent, while her family is a clan of criminals. Awkward! 

Are we going to have to root against Idris Elba?

In recent years, we've become accustomed to seeing Idris Elba in heroic roles, as in Thor: Ragnarok. So it's somewhat surprising to hear that he will portray a villain in the first spin-off from the Fast and Furious series, per Variety.

Elba came to attention as an elegant drug kingpin on HBO's The Wire and since then has impressed in a wide variety of roles. He played a villainous role in Star Trek: Beyond not too long ago, which actually seemed atypical at this point in his career, but we look forward to seeing what sort of antagonist he will be playing in the new action thriller.

Who wrote this crazy but very appealing offshoot?

Chris Morgan, who has been writing the Fast and Furious movies since the third (Toyko Drift) penned the screenplay. So don't expect too much of a difference from the rest.

Can we get a glimpse of the movie?

When Hobbs & Shaw began shooting, to celebrate the start of production, Johnson shared some photos from the set of the movie (he began doing so even before he personally arrived to begin filming his part). The below image is another stunning black and white pic, this one of Johnson and Statham as the two main characters looking like they're about to have another serious brawl.



DAY 1 and the evolution has officially begun. Long awaited Fast & Furious spin-off movie, #HobbsAndShaw is electric. My partner in heavy crime & fun @jasonstatham is lookin’ like $1million bucks and holdin’ it all down. Our visionary & bad ass director @davidmleitch (just directed Deadpool2) at the helm and ready to evolve the franchise in exciting and fresh new ways. And as always, our @sevenbucksprod president @hhgarcia41 capturing the dopest images thru his ?? lens. Keep crushing on that set boys... the man known as “HOBBS” will touch down in London in two weeks. Pancakes, tequila and ass kickin’s ???? on me. #Day1 #TheEvolution #HobbsAndShaw

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Who is directing Hobbs & Shaw?

Former stunt person David Leitch (in the above image with Statham and franchise-typical cars), who has been dominating the action genre lately with his work on John WickAtomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, is directing the spin-off. 

When does the movie come out?

Hobbs & Shaw is set to hit theaters on August 2, 2019. 

Watch the latest trailer for Hobbs & Shaw:

Hobbs’ family meets Shaw’s family (including the return of Helen Mirren as Mama Shaw) meets Idris Elba as “Black Superman” in the incredibly action-packed second trailer for the movie:


And here's the original preview:

The first spot, which arrived Super Bowl weekend not only showcases the reunion of the titular odd-coupled hero and antihero but we get an introduction to Idris Elba's bad guy, who apparently has superpowers, as well as another Shaw played by Mission: Impossible - Fallout's Vanessa Kirby.

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