Melissa McCarthy’s 5 Funniest Movie Moments in GIFs

Melissa McCarthy’s 5 Funniest Movie Moments in GIFs

When Melissa McCarthy is in a movie, you know Melissa McCarthy is in that movie.

That's because the actress -- who truly broke out as a comedic tour-de-force in 2011's Bridesmaids, and hits theaters again this weekend in The Boss -- is usually at the center of all your favorite funny moments.

Here are a few of our favorites, in gif form.


1. Bridesmaids (2011)

Bridesmaids is chock-full of so many laugh-out-loud McCarthy-related moments, it's almost impossible to single one out as the best. So, instead we'll do two. And, yeah, they definitely belong together.


2. The Heat (2013)

Following Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig continued his Melissa McCarthy-starring hot streak with The Heat, a hilarious buddy-cop comedy starring Sandra Bullock and McCarthy. And while the film has plenty of gif-worthy moments, the drunk-dance scene will forever go down as our favorite.


Oh, you want the entire scene? Fine! Have at this belligerent masterpiece...


3. Identity Thief (2013)

Oh, we sure ain't done with Melissa McCarthy's ferocious dance moves just yet. She sure does know how to shake her you-know-what, as evidenced in this scene from the identity-stealing comedy costarring Jason Bateman.


4. Saturday Night Live

McCarthy doesn't just reserve the good stuff for the big screen -- some of her most memorable moments have come on the small screen, too.

The actress has appeared on shows like Gilmore Girls and Mike & Molly, but we will never forget the time she hosted Saturday Night Live and starred in this skit opposite Jason Sudeikis, who was tasked with fending off his co-worker's obnoxious sexual advances. Oh Arlene, you're such an office flirt!


5. Tammy (2014)

We're beginning to spot a trend when it comes to Melissa McCarthy -- and it has to do with dancing. The funny lady almost always gets jiggy with it in her movies, and Tammy -- in which she plays a down-on-her-luck unemployed wisecracker on a road trip with grandma -- is no exception.

Let's finish this McCarthy-driven gif list off with a threefer... because if Tammy taught us anything, it's that legit dance moves don't always help you when it comes time to rob a fast food joint.

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