Marrieds at the Movies: 'R.I.P.D' As a Date Movie?

Marrieds at the Movies: 'R.I.P.D' As a Date Movie?

Every Friday night, sends cinephiles (and newlyweds) Sarah and Joe Piccirillo to see a film. Afterwards, they answer a few questions about it. Below is their discussion.


Synopsis: When a dirty cop (Ryan Reynolds) is killed in the line of duty, he is recruited by the R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department), a supernatural police force, to help capture dead criminals who have escaped judgment. With Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Parker.


Was this a good date movie?

Joe: No. This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. No one who cares about another would take them to this film.

Sarah: The only thing the movie can do for a relationship is to unite both people against a common enemy.

Joe: Just like having a baby.


This movie has some big names. How was the casting?

Joe: I was confused by the presence of so much talent in this movie.

Sarah: At first I was too. I kept feeling this was a downgrade for Ryan Reynolds, but then I realized all those great movies I pictured him in actually starred Ryan Gosling.

Joe: I’ve never liked Jeff Bridges and this is the first time everyone finally sees what I’ve always known: he sucks.

Sarah: His flirtation with Mary-Louise Parker’s character was more off-putting than watching one of the “deados” vomit gold.

Joe: And why did they hide the fact that Kevin Bacon is in this movie? Was that a condition of his being in the film? “I’ll be in your movie, but don’t tell anybody that I’m in it.”


What drove you nuts?

Joe: Jeff Bridges’ terrible and self-indulgent acting,

Sarah: But it was one hell of a Yosemite Sam impression.

Joe: How every 30-minute chase scene could have been thwarted with simple gunslinging at just the right moment.

Sarah: Embarrassingly hokey rules and analogies like Indian food as a truth serum. Without cumin they can’t solve cases?

Joe: The fact that writers continue to envision the afterlife as one big Progressive Insurance commercial. Do we really need to have jobs when we die?

Sarah: Renegade, un-judged souls are the reason we have to deal with poor cell reception and out-of-order elevators. Brilliant.

Joe: How they ripped off Men in Black.

Sarah: And the containment unit plot from Ghostbusters.


What will you be thinking about tomorrow?

Joe: I think of all the crew, actors, producers, makeup artists and extras who spent hours working on a film where a big payoff involves Mary-Louise Parker “billygoating,” and I feel their sadness.

Sarah: They accidentally almost satirized the criminal justice system. Even with the bad CGI, they could have made an interesting point about how we view guilt, innocence, capital punishment and prison.

Joe: Oh, I thought they were just trying to make a Garbage Pail Kids movie.  I kept wondering who the audience for this movie would be and found the answer on an IMDb message board. Jrubinthomas wrote: “I wanted to see it so badly… because it took place in Boston, where my grandparents are from. Also, it had a Sox game with Big Papi at the bat in the scene.” This movie is for people who live in Boston but don’t feel like looking out the window.



Sarah: I think your dad said it best: “How desperate was Kevin to bring home the bacon?”

Joe: This movie is good only for using as an alibi or to hide from police during pursuits.

Sarah and Joe are writers/editors who live in Boston. They met in a bar and married within a year. They love to argue about early Woody Allen films and old romantic comedies. They both agree to hate musicals.

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