One of our favorite movies this year was Zootopia, so of course I was dying to dress up my little lady like Officer Judy Hopps! The costume is super easy, especially with this download and DIY ears. 

What You’ll Need:

Sticker paper

Downloadable badge design

Gray Duct tape



Fabric glue

Two Sheets of Cardstock

Colored Pencils

Blue shirt or onesie

Dark blue pants or tights



Step 1: Download the badge, print it onto sticker paper and cut it out. I created several sizes to work for your tiniest little one all the way up to grown ups.


(From left to right)

Step 2: Lay a few strips of gray duct tape down on the cardstock.

Step 3: Using the scissors, cut out the bunny ears.

Step 4: Cut the white cardstock to make the inside of the bunny ears.

Step 5: Using the pink pencil, color the inside of Judy’s ears.

Step 6: Attach the inside of the ears to the outer gray ears with tape or glue. Your choice!

Step 7: For the headband, measure the elastic around your little (or large) Judy’s head and tie it off.

Step 8: Fold the ears a little at the bottom. Use the width of your elastic to measure the fold you need.

Step 9: Attach the ears onto the headband using fabric glue. Let it dry.


Dress your Judy Hopps up in blue, add the badge and slip on those ears. She’s ready to represent Zootopia’s finest!