The character Joy in Pixar’s Inside Out is all about those happy, fun, funny and, yes, joyful memories. In the animated movie, happy moments are depicted as yellow-hued orbs that can be filed and stored away in long-term memory.

To celebrate the idea of happy-memory saving, you can create your own jar full of joyful memories with your kids. Whenever wonderful things happen, the kids can write them up and add them to the jar. Then, if they (or you) need a quick pick-me-up, just pull one out and read it. You can also save them up and then take a peek at the end of the month or even at the end of the year. Hey, maybe this can become a New Year’s Eve tradition. Try it!

What you'll need:

One Mason Jar
Yellow Paper
Clear Empty Gum-Ball Machine Capsules

Yellow spray paint or yellow washi tape
Disney Infinity Joy figure (available this fall)

Step 1:
Optional: If you’d like to have the lid of the jar yellow to match Joy’s signature color, then spray paint or paint the lid of the mason jar. This is a small touch but really adds a burst of color to the Jar of Joy. You can also use washi tape and cover the lid to get a similar effect.

Step 2:

Cut the yellow paper into small strips. Have your child start off with writing a few happy memories. Fold up the slips of paper and stuff them into the gum-ball capsules and place in the jar.

Step 3:
Whenever something happy happens, have them place the memory in the jar!