My husband and I grew up watching Jurassic Park, so you can imagine how excited we are for the new sequel Jurassic World. To celebrate opening night, we made these fun dinosaur necklaces. They are really easy, perfect for kids to make with you. Here’s all you need to do!


What You’ll Need:

Small plastic dino toys

Jewelry eye pins

Awl or nail

Colorful cord




Step 1: Use the awl or nail to puncture the plastic dino at the place where you want the necklace to hang. Make sure to push it in as far as you can.


Step 2: Push the jewelry eye pin into the hole you just created. If it’s too long for the hole, trim the end with scissors. If the hole is too big and the eye pin is loose, use some glue to secure it in place.


Step 3: Once the eye pin is in and secure, string some colored cord through the eye of the pin.


Step 4: Be sure to measure the cord to get the length you want for your necklaces. Then cut the cord and tie a knot.

And you’re done! Now you are ready to show off your new fun necklaces!