‘Hereditary’ Director Ari Aster Has a “Crazy” Sequel Idea, Plus: Details on His Next Film

‘Hereditary’ Director Ari Aster Has a “Crazy” Sequel Idea, Plus: Details on His Next Film


On Friday, June 8, one of the year’s scariest and most daring films hits theaters, and if you are any kind of horror fan, it is mandatory viewing. That film is Hereditary, about a family who are mourning the loss of their grandmother when some of Grandma’s dark secrets threaten to tear everyone and everything apart.

It marks the feature directorial debut of Ari Aster, whose masterful direction has already inspired critics to compare Hereditary to other genre classics like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. It’s a film with a wickedly unsettling slow-burn that occasionally slaps you across the face and demands not just your attention, but your emotions and your soul.

“It's a very dark film, it's a very bleak film and it's a hopeless one,” Aster said during a lengthy conversation with Fandango. “It's great when you can smuggle something like that into a genre that makes it commercial. How the f**k is this movie commercial? But it's awesome, it's great. The fact that a good amount of people might go see it this weekend, it’s just great.”

The tremendous reaction to Hereditary (currently 93% on Rotten Tomatoes) and its meticulous direction has now placed Aster among today’s most exciting emerging filmmakers. Following Hereditary, he’s already signed on to direct another film for A24 that’s touted as being the largest production in the company’s history.

“I have like ten other films that I've written that I want to do that are in different genres,” he said. “The next film I'm making is a horror film, and I'm making it with A24. It's a dark break-up movie that becomes a horror film, set in Sweden. That's all I can really say now. It's called Midsommar. Everybody's been spelling it wrong. It's midsummer in Swedish.”

Of course the popularity of Hereditary does beg the question of whether or not Aster would be interested in a sequel.

“I do have an idea for a Hereditary sequel that is extremely unorthodox,” he revealed. “And we'll see if this movie makes the kind of money to justify something like that. I would only make it if I could do it in that way. It would be very weird and crazy.”

Unorthodox, weird and crazy? Consider our interest piqued! As to whether he’d want the folks from A24 to help push that out…

“Yeah, I'm very lucky,” he said with regards to working with A24. “This feels like the one place where all young American independent filmmakers grow up idealizing the ‘70s. We were born too late -- the ‘70s, that's when we should be making films. But, there's a small ‘70s New York filmmaking world here. So I lucked out.”


Hereditary hits theaters on June 8. You can snag your tickets right now here on Fandango. And stay tuned, as we’ll have lots more with Ari Aster coming up soon.

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