Warner Bros. kicked things off on Saturday morning with a massive three-hour-long panel that showcased upcoming films Gravity, Godzilla, The Seventh Son, The Lego Movie, the Tom Cruise sci-fi adaptation Edge of Tomorrow and, well, a few surprises.

Here's a recap of the biggest surprises and memorable moments from the panel.

The Seventh Son

Who Was There: Jeff Bridges, Sergei  Bodrov, Ben Barnes, Kit Harrington, Antje Traue

What We Saw: An extended trailer.

What They Said:

"It’s chock full o' myth." Bridges on describing the themes of the movie.

"For me a lot of acting comes down to advanced pretending." - Bridges talking about his approach to acting.



Who Was There:  Gareth Edwards, Bryan Cranston, Liz Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson 

What We Saw:  Mood piece from last year.

What They Said:

Cranston was hesitant to join the film because of its massive scale, but Edwards convinced him the destruction was balanced with humanity.

Edwards talked about how he spent 20 minutes at the Canada-U.S. border and both immigration officers told him to not "f**k it up" and told him everything that needed to be in it.

Teaser trailer rolled, with Godzilla taking on a giant insect monster and an explosive sequence at an airport.

Highlight of the panel came toward the end when moderator Chris Hardwick said that they have something to show. Cranston stands up and acts as though he's going to unzip his pants, but sits down. "That's my pet name for it. Godzilla," he joked, which Hardwick immediately followed up with, "So how much of it is CGI?"

"It was a big-budget art film the way that he wanted to shoot it." Taylor-Johnson describing the tone of the film

Warner Bros. Surprise #1: Warcraft teaser trailer presented and then Duncan Jones presented onstage as the director who talked briefly about helping the project. 


300: Rise of an Empire

Who Was There: Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Sullivan Stapleton and director Noam Murro

What We Saw: Extended trailer screened which includes a cameo by Gerard Butler being killed in the beginning.

"It takes place in the same time as 300, but has bigger story and scope." - Murro explaining time and frame of film.

"I call her a ruthless Joan of Arc." - Green describing her character, Artemisia



Who Was There: Director Alfonso Cuaron, David Heyman and Sandra Bullock

What We Saw: Beautifully tense extended sequence clip shown. Clones and Bullock repairing satellite when debris starts to hits and things go really bad.

Cuaron says that although you hear sound of explosions in the trailer, there is no sound in the actual film. All you hear are Clooney and Bullock. They are the only two characters in the film.


Edge of Tomorrow

Who Was There: Chris McQuarrie, Emily Blunt, Doug Liman, Erwin Stott and...

Warner Bros. Surprise #2: Tom Cruise walks onto stage! 

What We Saw: First trailer.

Set a few years into future. Tom Cruise's character develops the ability to repeat the days. It takes place on a day when there is an alien invasion pending.

Emily's suit weighed 85 pounds, Tom upwards of 125 pounds.

Warner Bros. Surprise #3: Bill Paxton sitting in audience with his daughter, gets called up and joins the panel.

And then the big surprise... HERE!