DVD of the Week: 'The Wrestler.' Plus 'Frost/Nixon' & More

DVD of the Week: 'The Wrestler.' Plus 'Frost/Nixon' & More

The Wrestler Mickey Rourke might be better at playing lovable, difficult losers than any actor in the business -- go rent Barfly if you're not familiar with his past brilliance. He'll be best remembered now for his tour de force performance as down-and-out wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a once-beloved hero of the sport who's become practically homeless, shoots steroids before performing in back-alley gyms, works the supermarket deli counter during the week, and tries to connect with his only friend, stripper Cassidy (a terrific Marisa Tomei).


Not without its funny moments, The Wrestler is mostly downbeat, gritty realism -- The Ram has become an utter washout and he knows it, all the while he's hawking autographed junk and slinging salami to old ladies. The Wrestler is not to be missed if you enjoy great dramatic acting.

Also New This Week:

Frost/Nixon  'Tis the week of releases featuring outstanding actor performances, as Frank Langella artfully embodies disgraced president Richard Nixon, the tough subject of interviews conducted by star-on-the-rise David Frost.

Notorious  It's 12 years after rapper Biggie Smalls was killed and enough people still find his story interesting enough to make a movie of it. You don't have to be a fan of the music to be entertained.

ImageHellraiser Ltd. Edition Box Set  When Pinhead said he'd "have such things to show you" he wasn't kidding. This cool new set includes 20th anniversary special edition DVDs of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, plus Hellraiser's Blu-ray debut. It's all packaged in a big, shiny gold re-creation of the infamous Lament Configuration box.

New on BD:

Sin City What's cool about this new release is not only does it look super-freaking-fantastic in high-def, it also has a "Recut, Extended and Unrated" version of the film that allows you to watch each of the four plot lines individually. Plus there's loads of new bonus features.

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