Day 50: 'Grease'

Day 50: 'Grease'

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in 'Grease'

Day 50. Grease. After tonight, I'll be half way there. Here's where I'm at so, 15 pounds heavier (!) That came in the form of 52,500 calories or - in theater speak - 26 small popcorns (12 with butter, and some in the middle, too), 40 diet cokes (zero calories, but even diet pop's a killer on weight rentention), 11 movie nachos with jalapenos, 7 large packs of peanut M&Ms, an ice cream sandwich, a bbq chicken pizza and 2 bags of SunChips (L.A.'s Orpheum theater doesn't sell popcorn, but they do sell SunChips...go figure).

What I've learned so far - besides the optimum way to gain weight in seven weeks - is that going to see movies every day is fun...but extremely challenging. I tell everyone around me, seeing movies isn't a problem - at least if you're a huge movie buff. It's the logistics, the running to find a computer afterwards, choosing 50 different films to see in various venues, fitting it in around your regular job, birthdays, weddings...and generally friends thinking you have no life. Well, ok. I have no life. But I still do love movies. And I'm even more determined now to see this thing through.

I'm also writing up the majority of my Grease post before I actually head there to the Hollywood Bowl to watch it with 45 friends and coworkers. Is that cheating? Nah, not exactly, because the pre-experience is also a part of my experience, right? (especially when my existence pretty much just blends together) A couple of notes, though, on Grease, which really is a pivotal film from my life. It's the first movie I remember seeing over and over as a little kid in the '70s, and it was also my first ever movie crush - on the incomparably beautiful Olivia Newton-John. When John Travolta pines for her and sings that line "Stranded at the drive in"...I know his pain. It'll be ok, Zuko.

I'm not afraid to say, too, that I used to croon the Frankie Valli theme song along to the VHS tape down in my basement back in the '80s, and that I saw it several times over when it was re-released in the '90s. And I'll likely do the same for this latest cool, sing-along release. No matter what you've heard, I'm here to tell it to you straight - the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies are the coolest, and Grease is the word.


A few more notes on Day 50's Grease screening from the day after (or evening took awhile to recuperate from the experience on this one)...a big, sincere thank you to all of the Fandango folks and all of my "woohooster" friends that made it out for the night - it was truly a memorable evening I won't ever forget. It's something else to be watching Grease with friends and thousands of megafans in the perfect, So Cal outdoor setting, singing along to the classic tunes and literally dancing in the aisles. I think the reason Grease endures is because it is the word - and that word is "fun." It exists merely to make you smile and enjoy yourself and the people around you and of course those shining characters up onscreen. Is there really anyone in a current movie that's as cool as Danny Zuko, Sandy, Kineckie and our Pink Lady du jour, Rizzo? Zac Efron? Jaden Smith? Say what?

Also, hats off to the Hollywood Bowl and Paramount - it's nice to be able to bring your own food and drinks into the Bowl, and it was spectacular to see this sing-a-long print of Grease - the new, onscreen sing-a-long lyrics are very cool, and the restoration of the rest of the film is flawless. The colors, the vibrancy, everything looks and sounds amazing. Don't worry if you missed it at the Bowl, too. The Grease singalong opens in more theaters on July 8, 2010. Grab your friends, your family, and get ready for some good times.

A samoan and friends ready to get their sing on...

 That's right, the hand jive, kids...

Grease, hosted by Didi Conn, a.k.a. the loveable "Frenchy"...

Our woohooster baby boy Cooper Cornwell wins the T-Bird Baby Award...

(also now sporting the latest in jean diaper fashion on the front page of - is our kid cool or what?)

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