Daily Recap: 'TDKR' Grosses $25 Million Pre-Sale, Simon West Says 'Expendables 2' is 'Very Hard R'

Daily Recap: 'TDKR' Grosses $25 Million Pre-Sale, Simon West Says 'Expendables 2' is 'Very Hard R'

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You may have heard, but there's a little movie opening up in a couple days called The Dark Knight Rises. Everybody has their own personal projection of how much money this film will make and it's off to a strong start. The film has already grossed $25 million in pre-sale tickets and many movie numbers-types are projecting the film will close Sunday night with more than $195 million. How much do you think it will make? [Deadline]

Here we go again with the MPAA rating for The Expendables 2. First came word from Chuck Norris that the film would be PG-13 to appeal to a wider audience. Sylvester Stallone backed that claim up until a few months later when he dismissed it as "odd rumors" and declared the film would be rated R. The MPAA has yet to hand down a rating for the sequel but director Simon West says that not only is the film an R, it's "a very hard R, actually. There is no way this film could work other than an R and I think the core audience that loved the first one would just be outraged if it wasn't an R. It would be so sanitized and such a weird version of it, I can't see how it could ever be PG-13." [JoBlo]

Amy Adams has signed on to the film formerly known as American Bulls**t. Adams' casting will mark a reunion with director David O'Russell. The two worked together on the Oscar-nominated The Fighter. [THR]

Universal Studios has pegged The Walking Dead and Silent Hill as two franchises that will be featured in this year's Halloween Horror Nights attraction. The Halloween horror-themed mazes have become somewhat of a badge of honor for horror films. Previous mazes have featured Hostel, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing. Halloween Horror nights will be open September 21-October 31. You can check out two promo videos below.

Despite losing Jim Carrey from the production writer/director Bobby Farrelly and brother Peter Farrelly are pressing forward with Dumb & Dumber 2, saying the film begin shooting this fall. [The Wrap]

The last few weeks of December just got a bit more crammed. The Impossible starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts will arrive in theaters December 21. The film tells the story of a family caught along with tens of thousands of strangers in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.

IFC Films has picked up the distribution rights for the James McAvoy/Mark Strong thriller Welcome to the Punch. The film stars Strong as a gangster who returns to London from exile giving a dogged cop one last chance to nab him.

Anchorman fans may be wondering if Fred Willard would be returning along with the rest of the cast. Willard says he hasn't heard anything about returning for the sequel as Ed Harken, Ron Burgandy's boss in the first film.

Amazon has a couple of sweet deals that you might consider taking advantage of. First up is My Week With Marilyn, featuring the Oscar-nominated performance by Michelle Williams. The BluRay is currently half off. Also half off is Season Four of the True Blood BluRay.

Trailers, Clips & Videos

Check out this clip from Spike Lee's documentary about Michael Jackson's Bad, which features an eclectic group of interviewees including Martin Scorsese, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and some of Michael's former band members. No release is set yet, but the film will be getting both a VOD and theatrical run.

From Vimeo comes 135 Shots that will restore your faith in cinema.

Today brings us yet another clip from Total Recall. Here, Kate Beckinsale appears angry and disheveled (and hot) as she holds a heated discussion with Bryan Cranston. Total Recall is in theaters August 3.

Pics & Posters

Three new pics from Skyfall have appeared online, two of which feature Daniel Craig and Ola Rapace riding motor bikes.

The Japanese poster for Mel Gibson's Get the Gringo changes the title to Kick Over. Clearly something was lost in translation.

Here's the new Dutch poster for The Expendables 2 which finds the cast in a flying V formation.

Finally, The Walking Dead zombie photobomb.

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