'Bill & Ted 3' Is Officially Happening; Here's Everything We Know

'Bill & Ted 3' Is Officially Happening; Here's Everything We Know

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

We've been hearing about a third Bill & Ted movie forever. It almost seemed like just a pipe dream for the fans as well as stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. Well, now you can go back in time and tell your younger self to keep positive, because Bill & Ted Face the Music is really happening. Yes, really.

The follow-up to the 1989 sci-fi comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and its first sequel, 1991's Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, is currently in pre-production. And producers are officially shopping for international distribution deals this week at the Cannes Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

For all the known details, check out everything we know about the long-awaited installment below. 

Who is back for the sequel?

Both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are on board in their respective roles as Bill S. Preson, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan. Sadly, George Carlin, who played Rufus, passed away 10 years ago. There's no information on whether any other franchise favorites will return. Different actresses played Bill and Ted's royal babe girlfriends and bandmates, anyway. 

What is the plot this time? 

Nearly 30 years since Bill & Ted learned they'd save the world with their music, the guys still haven't written a good song, let alone one that would bring peace to the planet (apparently the Bogus Journey end credits montage didn't really happen?). After a visit from a figure from the future (not Rufus this time), the dudes are told they have to finally pen that tune that will not just bring harmony to the world but all of the universe. So they travel back in time with their daughters to find some inspiration. 

Are there new historical characters this time?

Yes, with Face the Music returning Bill and Ted more to the time-travel adventures of Excellent Adventure compared to the broader scope of realms in Bogus Journey, they'll be encountering a new bunch of historical figures as well as "some sympathetic music legends." Maybe John Lennon can meet Vladimir Lenin? 

Can we be sure the new movie will have the same feel as the original two?

The script for Face the Music, started back in 2010, is written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, the duo behind the first two movies (and the underrated Mom and Dad Save the World).

Who is directing the sequel?

Dean Parisot, who won an Oscar for his short film The Appointments of Dennis Jennings and director of Galaxy Quest, is at the helm this time. 

When will Bill & Ted Face the Music finally arrive in theaters?

There's no release date set, but here's hoping we get the sequel by the 20th anniversary of Bogus Journey, which would be in 2021.

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