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'Beetlejuice' and the Craziest Fashions in Horror Movies

'Beetlejuice' and the Craziest Fashions in Horror Movies


Tim Burton is now reportedly in discussions to make a sequel to his supernatural comedy Beetlejuice (1988), which means we could once again be seeing the delightful "people exorcist" (played by Michael Keaton in the original) riffing and rocking and generally making a ghoulish pest of himself. In a decade filled with crazy fashions, Beetlejuice definitely stood out among the horror crowd, especially in his striped suit. But he was not the only horror icon with a crazy, unforgettable sense of style.

The Hunger

The Hunger (1983)

Long before Bella Swan was drawn irresistibly to tall, pale, and handsome Edward Cullen, Susan Sarandon was attracted to the incredibly stylish and apparently ageless Catherine Deneuve. One thing leads to another, and soon enough this tale of vampires in modern Manhattan turns quite bloody, but the fashions remain oddly, strangely old world.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The following year, the strongest fashion statement in horror was made, not by Johnny Depp in an early role as a sleepy, doomed boy, but by a dangerous stranger with a burned face, knives instead of fingers, and bad taste in hats and red-and-green striped sweaters.

The Company of Wolves

The Company of Wolves (1984)

Neil Jordan's movie has a high-toned cast, including Angela Lansbury and David Warner, and is quite a bizarre reimagining of werewolf mythology, but our favorite scene requires that certain creatures dress properly for dinner.

The Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

An inspired mixture of fashionable punks, chemical substances, and gross-looking cannibals who really enjoy munching on young people and other living things, the movie features an eye-popping, adults-only dance sequence and far more blood and guts than your average flesh-eating zombie movie.


Hellraiser (1987)

Clive Barker's incredibly disturbing vision revolves around a woman's dead lover, who comes back to her as he seeks to avoid his fate, which is the most torturous anyone could imagine -- and we're not just talking about the freakily enduring character known as Pinhead. Yikes!


Dracula (1992)

The parade of artful horror movies reached delirious heights with Francis Coppola's telling of the tale, starring Gary Oldman as the ancient bloodsucker with his fangs set on Winona Ryder -- and his fashion sense stuck bizarrely in the Middle Ages. Is that a smoking jacket or a bowling shirt he's wearing? No wonder Anthony Hopkins wanted to drive a stake through his heart.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Washington Irving's classic story has been successfully revived for television this year, but let's not forget Tim Burton's vividly gothic version, which gloried in decapitations, gloomy shadows and Johnny Depp, here seen in the scariest eyewear we've ever sighted on-screen.

The Cell

The Cell (2000)

An FBI investigator enters the mind of a serial killer, only to discover that fashions dreamed up by the mentally deranged tends toward the horrific.

Planet Terror

Planet Terror (2007)

Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse feature seems to have been constructed entirely so as to loose thousands of zombies who can then be mowed down by our fearless heroes and heroines, most notably Cherry Darling, played by Rose McGowan, who makes a machine gun leg look like the most fashionable item on the runway.

Black Swan

Black Swan (2010)

Masquerading as a thriller, the Academy Award-winning horror film showcases a sterling performance by Natalie Portman as a ballet dancer who is cracking up. A dazzling procession of stylish outfits leads to a finale with the most outlandish, craziest fashion statement of all.




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