The Little Prince is a classic, and it's great news for families that there's a new movie based on it opening March 18. To get the kiddos geared up for the trip to the theater, let’s make some crowns. They can help make and decorate the crowns, then wear them to the movie!

What You’ll Need:

Gold poster board




Rhinestones (optional)


Step 1: Draw the outline of your crown on the back side of the poster board. To make it a little easier, you could make a triangle stencil to keep the crown points consistent.

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut out the design. Take your time and cut carefully, the more attention to detail, the better they’ll look!

Step 3: Now add your rhinestones! I found these self-adhesive gems that worked perfectly, but some glue and stones would work just as well.

Step 4: Finally, measure the crown around your little one’s head and tape it together. And that’s it. Enjoy your new play crowns!

Kersey Campbell is the mama of one little guy and blogs daily over on And We Play – a site filled with DIYs for kids, products they love as a family, and their adventures in daily life.