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5 Reasons Moms Must See 'Moms' Night Out'

5 Reasons Moms Must See 'Moms' Night Out'

Moms' Night Out is a movie unicorn – something we hope exists, and yet finding one is very, very rare. Most grown women become moms, so how can it be that Moms' Night Out - a comedy about the lives of good moms – is one of a kind?

  1. Moms' Night Out is about the lives of moms. Four to be exact. While the film focuses on stressed-out Allie (Sarah Drew), we see all four women's stories who are dealing with different struggles: career aspirations, making ends meet, rebellious teen, finding a place in a new community. We see these women involved with other aspects of their life, like book club and church. And, unlike most movies about moms, these women are about more than their children and more than their husbands or exes – they are going for a night out to just enjoy themselves… or at least, that's the plan.
  2. Moms' Night Out features a mom as the protagonist. Not a big deal? Think about it… how many good movies have a mother as the hero of the story, without being overshadowed by her child or her man?
  3. Moms' Night Out is a comedy. Most stories about mothers are either a horror film or feature some horrible affliction. Someone is always dying in movies about mothers! Our mom duties include protecting our kids, but we are not always on the precipice of something so dreadful. Moreover, our lives are funny! Sometimes they’re funny in the moment when children say something adorable and sometimes they’re funny a week later, like when we step on a skateboard left at the bottom of the stairs and land across the room. But there's no shortage of laughs in being a mom.
  4. Moms' Night Out passes the Bechdel test. The Bechdel test measures gender bias in a work of fiction. An astonishing amount of films don’t pass this simple test, even when a woman is the lead character. The requirements are simple: two named women must talk to each other about something besides a man. You know what doesn’t pass the Bechdel test? This month's three other comedies with strong female leads: The Other Woman, Neighbors and maybe even Blended (Drew Barrymore talks to Adam Sandler's daughters, but they are not yet women). On the other hand, Moms' Night Out passes with flying colors. They talk about their frustrations, their hopes, their dreams, their plans, their work, their home, their life. Why is this so rare?
  5. Moms' Night Out is not raunchy. No one dances like a stripper, gets in a catfight, or propositions an air marshal. Moments like this made me laugh in Date Night and Bridesmaids, but c’mon – its' about time movies reflect that women are about more than that.

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Here are three films to see with your kids this weekend:

Moms' Night Out. Listen, right there in the title is the ultimate suggestion for how to watch this movie. However, if girls' night isn’t possible, the film is intended for families to see together. Moreover, Mother's Day is the perfect time to get kids to see a movie for you!

Legends of Oz: Dorothys' Return. Frank L. Baum told more stories of Dorothy, but the late Judy Garland can never be replaced. Animation enables our kids to see the next story in the series. Voicing Dorothy is, perfection, Glee's Lea Michele!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker realizes that being Spider-Man has consequences, including interfering with his relationship with his girlfriend, his friend and his family.

What do kids think of these movies? Find out at, where all kids are movie critics!

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