Every year, kids love to dress up for Halloween as their favorite characters, especially from the movies. And parents do, too. There’s an eclectic mix of 2016 movies your kids (and your whole crew) can be inspired by this Halloween, from getting in touch with your inner troll to pulling off a crafty Dory. Check out these movie-centic  DIY costumes you can totally make for the family this year. 

Dory of Finding Dory from Babble  (above left)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming; this will be the refrain in your head as you create this adorable (and oh-so-simple and inexpensive) Dory costume. It’s made using just a piece of foam board or cardboard and paint!

Hank of Finding Dory from Desert Chica  (above right)

Transform you child’s red hoodie into Hank, the grouchy yet big-hearted octopus (actually, to be accurate, he’s a septopus). The Desert Chica has a relatively simple tutorial on how to recycle a sweatshirt into an adorable Halloween costume. Also, check out 25 more great costumes on her site. 



Batman v Superman and Ghostbusters from The House That Lars Built

Talk about a triple threat. See how this mom decked her babies out in an array of timely costumes that you can try, too. Sooo adorable. 


Moana from The Sorry Girls

Moana won’t be out until Thanksgiving, but those in the know can be early adopters and get on the Moana-lovin’ train sooner than later, like this Halloween. The Sorry Girls have a simple Moana DIY costume with a hand-painted top and skirt with spot-on Polynesian detailing. If you’re a crafter, you’ll love making this one. They also have some other ideas from popular 2016 movies like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Trolls from Brit+Co

Trolls. You either love them or are slightly creeped out by them. But that was then, this is now, well, after November 4 that is. That’s when Dreamworks Trolls hits theaters everywhere and these odd little dolls become all the rage. Embrace the troll trend a week early with this unique (and easy to do) troll-doll Halloween costume DIY. 


Angry Birds from Twin Dragonfly Designs

The Angry Birds makes for a perfect family costume since there are so many bird characters to choose from. You can even throw in a pig or two to round out the cast. Twin Dragonfly Designs created an easy DIY that the whole family can get involved in creating.

Mowgli of The Jungle Book from Chris Loves Julia

Dressing up your little one as Mowgli might not seem, at first, very practical. But the clever mom of Chris Loves Julia figured out a simple, and comfy, way to pull off the iconic look. She ordered a flesh toned leotard and then fashioned shorts out of folding a piece of red fabric. Told you it was easy.


The gang from Through the Looking Glass from Coolest Homemade Costumes

If you're dressing a whole crew this Halloween, consider an Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass theme. There is something for everyone: a cute Alice, a goofy Mad Hatter, the adorable Cheshire cat, the hurried White Rabbit, the glamorous White Queen and, of course, the bright-haired Red Queen. You can update the gang by adding Time. 

BB-8 of Star Wars: The Force Awakens from The Desert Chica  (above left) 

You know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters will be huge this Halloween. One character that is a bit challenging to do, but incredibly cute, is BB–8. Desert Chica created this costume using a large paper lantern and a plastic colander from the 99-cent store. So clever. 

Jedi Costumes from Momendeavors

Want more Star Wars ideas? Check out these no-sew Jedi costumes from Momendeavors. Young Padawans will surely feel the Force when they suit up in these for trick-or-treating.