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Marketa Lazarová

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Marketa Lazarová?
Marketa Lazarová is 3 hr long.
Who directed Marketa Lazarová?
Frantisek Vlacil
Who is Marketa Lazarova in Marketa Lazarová?
Magda Vasaryova plays Marketa Lazarova in the film.
What is Marketa Lazarová about?
Voted the best Czech movie of all time in a poll of 100 Czech film critics, this ravishing 13th-century epic based on a novel by Vladislav Vancura evokes an era when pagan and Christian clans faced off in a fierce struggle for dominance. An unforgiving winter landscape, dominated by hawks and wolves, sets the scene for a violent tale of rapacious rivalries played out in kidnapping, murder, plunder and rape. Vlacil’s unsettling symbolism carries a stark, eerie beauty, enhanced by Zdenek Liska’s avant-garde score. In Czech with English subtitles.