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Lost in the Stars (1974)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Lost in the Stars (1974)?
Lost in the Stars (1974) is 2 hr 1 min long.
Who directed Lost in the Stars (1974)?
Daniel Mann
Who is Stephen Kumalo in Lost in the Stars (1974)?
Brock Peters plays Stephen Kumalo in the film.
What is Lost in the Stars (1974) about?
Derived from Alan Paton's popular book "Cry, the Beloved Country," this musical follows Stephen Kumalo (Brock Peters), an honest black preacher in apartheid-era South Africa, who decamps to big-city Johannesburg hoping to find his estranged son John (Raymond St. Jacques). He discovers, however, that John is now a criminal with a pregnant girlfriend, Irina (Melba Moore). Becoming increasingly concerned, Stephen fears that his son's dark ways will lead him to jail -- or possibly death.