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Les Miserables (1935)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Les Miserables (1935)?
Les Miserables (1935) is 1 hr 48 min long.
Who directed Les Miserables (1935)?
Richard Boleslawski
Who is Jean Valjean/Champmathieu in Les Miserables (1935)?
Fredric March plays Jean Valjean/Champmathieu in the film.
What is Les Miserables (1935) about?
This acclaimed version of the classic Victor Hugo tale follows the life of Jean Valjean (Fredric March), a former convict who was imprisoned for stealing bread for his sister's family. After years in jail, Valjean attempts to readjust to life as a free man, but he finds that many are not forgiving of his past, particularly the obsessive Inspector Javert (Charles Laughton). Perpetually on the run, Valjean finds comfort in the chaos by caring for the young peasant girl Cosette (Rochelle Hudson).