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Landscape After the Battle

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Landscape After the Battle?
Landscape After the Battle is 1 hr 49 min long.
Who directed Landscape After the Battle?
Andrzej Wajda
Who is Tadeusz in Landscape After the Battle?
Daniel Olbrychski plays Tadeusz in the film.
What is Landscape After the Battle about?
Liberated from a Nazi concentration camp, a young poet (Daniel Olbrychski) and other survivors find themselves forced into a detention center run by the Allies. There the poet meets a Jewish girl (Stanislawa Celinska) who asks him to escape with her to the West -- an idea he has trouble processing amid the recently experienced horrors, as well as his lingering rage toward the Germans. But in his indecisiveness, he risks losing the woman who loves him as well as what's left of his humanity.