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Land of the Pharaohs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Land of the Pharaohs?
Land of the Pharaohs is 1 hr 46 min long.
Who directed Land of the Pharaohs?
Howard Hawks
Who is Pharaoh Khufu in Land of the Pharaohs?
Jack Hawkins plays Pharaoh Khufu in the film.
What is Land of the Pharaohs about?
Presented by the Art Directors Guild Film Society: LAND OF THE PHARAOHS, 1955, Warner Bros., 144 min. Dir. Howard Hawks. This truly phenomenal CinemaScope fantasia of ancient Egypt features pharaoh Jack Hawkins, who is obsessed with building an eternal monument to his glory, while nympho wife Joan Collins tries to orchestrate his murder.

Discussion following with Oscar and Tony-nominated costume designer Julie Weiss and other guests TBA, moderated by production designer John Muto. Come dressed as your favorite pharaoh or dancing maiden for Egyptian Night at the Egyptian!