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Lake Tahoe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Lake Tahoe?
Lake Tahoe is 1 hr 25 min long.
Who directed Lake Tahoe?
Fernando Eimbcke
Who is Juan in Lake Tahoe?
Diego Cataño plays Juan in the film.
What is Lake Tahoe about?
Former music video director Fernando Eimbcke continues to hone his feature film career with this drama concerning a fourteen year old boy who makes the transition from childhood to adulthood while attempting to repair an irreplaceable gift. The final gift that Juan ever received from his father was a car. Now Juan has crashed that car, and he's determined to get it in working order again. As the day wears on and Juan searches the city for car parts, he gradually begins to realize that the decisions he makes over one day could profoundly affect him for the rest of his life.