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Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921?
Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921 is 2 hr 12 min long.
Who directed Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921?
Shakun Batra
Who is Arjun Kapoor in Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921?
Sidharth Malhotra plays Arjun Kapoor in the film.
What is Kapoor & Sons - Since 1921 about?
Rahul and Arjun have returned back home to Coonoor to be with their grandfather in (what they think will be) his last few days, after he has a heart attack at the age of 90. Rahul, for his age, seems to have built a pretty good life for himself; a good looking man, doing very well professionally, living in a swanky apartment in London, and also planning to pursue architecture along with writing. On the other hand is his younger brother Arjun. Arjun is also an aspiring writer, living in New Jersey, clearly struggling to make ends meet. These two brothers aren’t exactly the ‘inseparable’ brother duo we are used to seeing in our movies. The awkwardness and tension between them is apparent from the word go. Their arrival in India quickly unfolds their individual relations with their parents as well. Rahul is clearly the perfect one, loved by all, Arjun seems like the neglected one who according to the family is too immature/irresponsible to take decisions.