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Jesus Christ Superstar

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Jesus Christ Superstar?
Jesus Christ Superstar is 1 hr 47 min long.
Who directed Jesus Christ Superstar?
Norman Jewison
Who is Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar?
Ted Neeley plays Jesus Christ in the film.
What is Jesus Christ Superstar about?
Adapted from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Broadway rock opera, "Jesus Christ Superstar" recounts the last days of Jesus Christ (Ted Neeley) from the perspective of Judas Iscariot (Carl Anderson), his betrayer. As Jesus' following increases, Judas begins to worry that Jesus is falling for his own hype, forgetting the principles of his teachings and growing too close to the prostitute Mary Magdalene (Yvonne Elliman). After Jesus has an outburst in a temple, Judas turns on him.