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Jatt James Bond

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Jatt James Bond?
Jatt James Bond is 2 hr 22 min long.
Who directed Jatt James Bond?
Rohit Jugraj
What is Jatt James Bond about?
This is a story of beautiful people, full of life & energy living in a beautiful small village. They all have their own happy & sad moments & are enjoying the life with whatever they have. They have small houses, they have small dreams but they have big hearts. There is a lot of love & at the same time a lot of problems in their lives, but they are used to living with it. And one day, our hero SHINDA (GIPPY) falls in love with a beautiful girl LALI (ZARINE) and the life changes, dreams changes & they have the guts, the willingness & the burning desire to achieve their dreams. For both of them the life is beautiful & colourful in love.