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Human Desire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Human Desire?
Human Desire is 1 hr 30 min long.
Who directed Human Desire?
Fritz Lang
Who is Jeff Warren in Human Desire?
Glenn Ford plays Jeff Warren in the film.
What is Human Desire about?
When he's fired from his job at the railroad, Carl Buckley (Broderick Crawford) asks his wife, Vicki (Gloria Grahame), to pay a visit to his boss, Owens (Grandon Rhodes), to try to earn his sympathies. It works, but Carl then assumes that Vicki and Owens are involved romantically, so he murders his boss in a jealous rage. Sick of her husband's violent ways, Vicki seduces Jeff (Glenn Ford), another worker at the railroad, hoping that she can convince him to murder her husband.